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Pay great attention to the talents, cherish talents, rational development of talent, use talent, retain talent and enhance the talents of the guiding ideology and values.

       In the
guiding principles for the work of human resources management for the "selecting and breeding, and leave" strengthen, the implementation of open, equal, competition, preferred employing mechanism, carry out post competition system, to each talent show self stage, achieve personal career planning and business development objectives. Whether you are in what position, as long as you can develop your potential intelligence, as long as you have the true skill and genuine knowledge, development is not limited in a department or area, personnel according to their own strengths and interests, obtain the cross learning, training, job rotation opportunities for development of diversified. That you may become SHEN ZHEN JIE LI MOTOR CO.,LTD reuse talents.

       To create a happy working environment and conditions is one of our cultural values. SHEN ZHEN JIE LI MOTOR CO.,LTD  for lifting propaganda happy and harmonious interpersonal relationship, and strive to build a happy working atmosphere. SHEN ZHEN JIE LI MOTOR CO.,LTD caring for people working and living conditions, in order to make the talents of physical and mental health, to carry out cultural SHEN ZHEN JIE LI MOTOR CO.,LTD sports activities, make the talent to be happy in life outside of work.

       SHEN ZHEN JIE LI MOTOR CO.,LTD has unlimited scope for development, we are moving in the direction of international stride. We need all like-minded people fusion condensed in a huge strength, make our excellent team for you to join the more outstanding.